The Multinational Monitor
October 1980 - Volume 1 - Number 9
The International Consumers' Movement 



International IMF Documents Reveal Political Motive in Jamaica
- by Wendy Cooper
Confidential documents demonstrate what critics of the International Montetary Fund have argued for years, that political considerations enter into decisions the Fund presents as strictly economic.

OPIC: A Far Cry from Development
- by William Goodfellow
The Deputy Director of the Center for International Policy looks at the record of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and finds it wanting.

Political Risk Analysts - Less than Delphic?
- by Krystyna von Henneberg
A burgeoning industry plays on corporate fears of social unrest in the Third World. The accuracy and role of the assessors is open to question.

Wither OPIC?
- an interview with J. Bruce LLewellyn
The President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporations considers the role of OPIC in a lively discussion with Multinational Monitor.

South Africa's Black States Strive for Economic Coordination
- by Matthew Rothschild
Nine neighboring states seek to alter economic dependence on South Africa, but an array of problems stands in their way.

Coal Trade Booming
- by James Ridgeway

Global Sightings

Guyana, Aid Agencies Strike Bargain

Saudis Rein In Corporations

BP Sinks Profits in Namibian Mines

U.S.-Japan Fish Stew

For Leaders Only


Apologia for Corporate Power
- a review of The Wealth Weapon: U.S. Foreign Policy and Multinational Corporations by Ben Wattenberg and Richard Whalen
- additional reviews of reports, organizations and periodicals