The Multinational Monitor
July 1980 - Volume 1 - Number 6
Jamaica At the Crossroads 



Indians Fight AMAX Project
- by Bruce Johansen
American Metals Climax plans a huge mining operation in Washington State, despite protests from the Colville Indians.

Coca-Cola Backs Down in Guatemala Dispute
- by Allan Nairn
Under intense pressure from workers and consumers, Coke has agreed to reform its Guatemalan franchise, infamous for brutal labor repression.

Jamaica: At the Crossroads
- an interview with Michael Manley
The Prime Minister reviews Jamaica's economic troubles and discusses future options for the island in an exclusive interview with Multinational Monitor's Jonathan Ratner and William Taylor.

Circles of Poison: Pesticides and the Third World
- by David Weir and Mark Schapiro
Excerpts from a soon-to-be-published study by the Institute for Food and Development Policy identifying the heavy toll pesticide companies exact on developing countries.

Congress Eyes Investment Restrictions
- by Mark Anspach
A U.S. Congressional committee issues proposals for the registration and screening of foreign direct investment in the U.S.

Big Oil Opts for Copper
- by James Ridgeway

Global Sightings

Courting Tanker Disasters: Irish Fault Oil Companies

Brazil Blocks Dow's Expansion

IMF, Tanzania Bury Hatchet

Dutch Labor Divests


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