The Multinational Monitor
August 1980 - Volume 1 - Number 7
Focus on the Pharmaceutical Industry 



Third World Drug Marketing: A Lethal Double Standard
- by Charles Medawar
How pharmaceutical multinationals market dangerous drugs in Third World countries.

Contraception Draws Fire
- by Krystyna Henneberg and Matthew Rothschild
Depo-Provera, an injectable contraceptive manufactured by Upjohn, is at the center of the controversy over potential health risks and questionable distribution techniques.

Money in the Genes
- by Becky O'Malley
Financiers are lining up to pour money into the potential golden goose of the health field: biotechnology.

Bucking the Drug Industry
- an interview with Zafrullah Chowdhury The Head of the People's Health Center in Bangladesh offers his group's alternatives to the exorbitant prices and hazardous products of the multinational drug companies.

China on the Import Market
- by James Ridgeway
A discussion of China's mineral import needs.

Firms Keep Auditors at Arms' Length
- by Jonathan Rowe
First of a two-part series exploring multinational tax manipulation and offering an alternative method of tax assessment.

The Pharmaceutical Industry at a Glance

Global Sightings

Bolivian Coup-Makers Find Bankers Eager

Free Labor?

G&W, Dominican Republic Come to Terms

They Said It


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