The Multinational Monitor
October 1980 - Volume 1 - Number 9
The International Consumers' Movement 



The International Rights of Consumers
- by Ralph Nader
A look at how multinationals are provoking the emergence of international consumer awareness.

Who Really Bears the Insurer's Risk
- by Howard Clark, J. Robert Hunter and Hans Dieter Meyer
Three noted insurance analysts look at the broad misconception about the nature of the "industry" that insurance firms have fostered.

A Policy Aground
- by Ronald Brownstein
For two years, the Carter Administration has been trying to develop a policy to curb hazardous exports. Now that they are finally finished, they must hand it over to a new administration - which may not be interested in implementing it.

Forming a Hazardous Export Policy
- an interview with Robert Harris
A member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality discusses his efforts to forge a hazardous export policy and offers his reflections on how the incoming Reagan Administration may react to that plan.

Consumers In the World Economy
- by Anwar Fazal
The president of the International Organization of Consumers' Unions Reflects on the growth of global consumerism.

Behind the Curtain
- by Gertrude Schroeder
Pressures by consumers for more - and higher-quality - goods are causing strains for the governments of the Soviet bloc.

Cooperating for Change
- In excerpts from the upcoming book, Making Change? Learning from Europe's Consumer Cooperative, coops in Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark are examined to illustrate the broad influence of coops in European economies.

Global Sightings

U.S. Seeks to Restrict Participation in Cartels

Book Review

Solar Energy: A Link Through the Ages
- A review of A Golden Thread by Ken Butti and John Perlin