The Multinational Monitor
December 1980 - Volume 1 - Number 11
The Shah and the Multinationals - Oil and Politics in Canada 



Winning Trade Wars with Quality
- by Robert Reich
Robert Reich of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission looks at the relationship between product quality and success in international trade; and speculates on the legacy of distrust being created by multinationals selling shoddy goods in the Third World.

Canada Takes on the Oil Giants
- by Charles Pekow
Ottawa's new energy policy has boardrooms from Calgary to Houston jumping mad - and threatening to pull their oil investment dollars out of the country.

Colombia Signs Over Its Coal Resources
- by Patricia Perkins
A deal with Exxon to develop the country's largest coal mine has drawn criticism both inside and out of the government.

The Politics of Information
- an interview with Stan Swinton
The Vice president and director of world services for the Associated Press discusses the geopolitics of information and the role of the United Nations in mediating Third World complaints against the Western media.

Business In the Shah's Iran
- by John Cavanagh
The relationship between the Shah and multinationals was a cozy one: in fact, the Shah may have saved several American arms firms from bankruptcy. The first of a two-part series.

Global Sightings

The Nuclear Industry Looks Cautiously Ahead

Seabed Mining Moves a Step Closer

Multinationals Squeeze Gas Dealers


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