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Upjohn, Burlington Guilty as Charged

The Upjohn Corporation recently lost its court battle with Deborah Timm of Louisiana. Timm sued the company for negligent marketing of Upjohn's antibiotic Cleocin. Unaware of its possible side effects, Timm took Cleocin for her sinus troubles, and as a result, developed a severe case of colitis, which required three operations.

The U.S. Supreme Court in January denied an appeals hearing to Upjohn, upholding a lower court decision awarding Timm $310,000 in damages.

Burlington Industries, the New York-based multinational textile company, was convicted of sex discrimination in January, after one of its female employees, Jean Spencer, was passed over 13 times for promotion. A New York Supreme Court justice upheld the $273,387 award the New York City Human Rights Commission granted Spencer last year.

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