The Multinational Monitor
February 1983 - Volume 4 - Number 2
U.S., Japan and Korea: Growing Tensions, Deepening Ties 



Reagan Hosts His Japanese "Alter-Ego"
- by Phil Hill
Last month, President Reagan hosted the new Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone. Despite the similarities between the two leaders - both are strong supporters of multlnational corporations- their talks were Inconclusive.

Japan, the U.S. and South Korea: A New Alliance Takes Shape
- by Tim Shorrock
Shortly before his trip to Washington, Nakasone travelled to South Korea to meet President Chun Doo Hwan. Their talks - and Nakasone's comments in the U.S. - Indicate the beginning of a new military alliance between the U.S., Japan and South Korea. The development bodes well for U.S. defense contractors; but some multinationals - and many Koreans - aren't as pleased.

Nuclear Dangers in South Korea
- by Tim Shorrock
A confidential World Bank document reveals serious safety problems in South Korea's nuclear program. The revelations raise questions about the role of two corporations - Bechtel and Westinghouse - In the Korean program, which Is heavily subsidized by U.S. taxpayers through the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Depression Dulls the "East Asia Edge"
- by Walden Bello
The world depression and rising protectionism have halted the once-spectacular growth rate of the East Asian economy. Many of the area's leaders are worried.

News Monitor

Guatemala Aid Package Boosts Bell Helicopter Sales
- by Allan Ebert-Miner

FDA Holds Depo-Provera Hearings
- by Erica Gollub

Textile Negotiations Fail; China Retaliates
- by Linda Stoddard

Canadian Bishops Blast Multinationals
- by Walter Davis

West German Firm Accused of Bribery
- by Konrad Ege

Clausen, Citing Third World Debt, Calls for U.S. Leadership
- based on a report by Louis Spiegler

Farmworkers Continue Strike Against Campbell's and Libby's
- based on a report by Jim Terry


The Human Cost of "Deindustrialization"

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