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Addressing the Imbalance of Control

Third World Resource Directory
edited by Thomas Fenton and Mary Heffron
Orbis Books, Maryknool, NY
edited by Louis Nemeth

The Third World Resource Directory is a masterful compilation of available materials on U.S. corporate and governmental involvement in the affairs of Third World nations and people. The editors, Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron, have presented resources which "illuminate the problems and prospects of Third World peoples from the point of view of the 'powerless.' " They argue that many institutions, particularly the media, ignore the fact that l. S. institutions in the Third World often "frustrate genuine development," and that too often the U.S. judges conflict in Third World nations as Soviet-inspired, instead of confronting the economic malfeasance that triggers dissent.

The directory succeeds in providing educators, concerned citizens, and activists with alternative sources of information.

This book is a valuable reference. It lists over 1,500 organizations, publications, and other materials, with an emphasis on those resources which focus directly on actions of U.S. corporations that have increased the misery of Third World nations. Its straightforward structure and meticulously cross-referenced entries allow readers to easily locate information. The listings are categorized by geographical information (Third World; Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean; and the Middle East), and by issue area (food, hunger, agribusiness; human rights, militarism, transnational corporations; and women). Each of these headings is divided into sections on key resources (organizations, printed material, audio-visual items, and other resources).

Some people may be dismayed to find that a particular issue of interest is not included (nuclear energy is one of the more notable omissions). To remedy this flaw, the editors intend to publish a quarterly newsletter updating resources in the directory and branching out into other issue areas. The editors state: "The lines are not drawn between its here and them in the Third World, but between those who govern and control and those who are dominated." The Third World Resource Director y is a must for anyone interested in changing the balance of control.

The directory is available for $17.95 from Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York 10545. People interested in the newsletter updating and expanding the directory should write to the editors care of The Data Center, 464 19th St.. Oakland, California 94612.

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