The Multinational Monitor
DECEMBER 1984 / JANUARY 1985 - VOLUME 5. NO 12 / VOLUME 6, NO. 1

C O N T E N T S 

- by Joh Martin
Nuclear wars are more than tomorrow's nightmare; Pentagon planners fight 50 of them every day on sophisticated computerized wargames.

Mercenary Marketeers: Cashing In on the Salvadoran Air War
- by Anne Nelson
El Salvador's bloody counterinsurgency has taken to the air; U.S. corporate know-how keeps the gunships flying.

Suppliers of the Central American War
Everyone knows the White House makes the policy, but who makes the guns? A Monitor directory puts logos on the olive drab.

Babies At Risk: Companies Still Violate Infant Formula Code
Bowing to the boycott, Nestle has begun to reform, but twenty companies still flaunt the WHO code for marketing breastmilk substitutes.

Democracy On the Take: Flick Scandal Shakes West German Politics
- by Julie Strawn and Charles G. Hogan
Revelations of corporate payoffs have shaken confidence in German democracy and imperiled the political futures of Chancellor Kohl and the Christian Democrats

Sanctioning Multinational Offenders
- by Brent Fisse
Monetary fines are ineffective sanctions for wealthy multinationals; punitive injunctions and adverse publicity are more effective means of curbing corporate crime

Corporate Crime in America: The Search for Simple Justice
- by Russell Mokhiber
After decades of corporate abuse, companies and executives are being called into court to answer criminal charges.

Dumping of Hazardous Products: The Australian Connection
- by John Braithwaite

Book Review - To Punish or Persuade: Enforcement of Coal Mine Safety, by John Braithwaite
Reviewed by Daniel Elias

and executives are being called into court to answer criminal charges