The Multinational Monitor
MAY 1986 · VOLUME 7 · NUMBER 9
The Nuclear Quagmire 

C O N T E N T S 


Chernobyl: The Exception Or the Rule
- by Joanne Doroshaw

Unmasking the Myth Brokers: The Real Cost of Nuclear Power
- by Charles Komanoff

Mothballing Nuclear Reactors: Shifting the Responsibility to Future Generations
- by Cynthia Pollock

The Cheap Energy Myth
- an interview with Amory Lovins

Importing Insolvency: Nuclear Energy, The Investment that Doesn't Pay
- by Gregory Kats

The Subsidy Shuffle: How the Eximbank Keeps the Nuclear Industry Afloat
- by Samantha Sparks

Taiwan Awakens to the Cost of Nuclear Power
- by Marcy Burstiner

Wrestling With Regulation: Nuclear Industry Asks Congress for Exemptions
- by Michael Mariotte

Limiting Liability: Insuring U.S. Industry Survival
- by Kathleen Welch

The French Cling to the Nuclear Dream
- by Aaron Freiwald


U.S. Nuclear Reactors Cancelled Since 1980

Worldwide Nuclear Capacity