The Multinational Monitor
JUNE 1986 · VOLUME 7 · NUMBER 10
Indigenous Peoples: The Struggle for Land and Equality 

C O N T E N T S 


A Landed Culture in Crisis
- by Thomas Berger

Laying Laim to Native Lands
- by William Hess

Preservation or Profits
- by Susan Alexander

Of Subsistence and Survival
- by William H. DuBay

Steamrolling Development
- by Kenneth Taylor

The Politics of Plunder
- by Anita Parlow

200 Years of Servitude
- by Marcy Burstiner

A Sovereign Manifesto
- by John Mohawk


Reservations About Hanford
Indigenous Links
NATO Flights Jeopardize Indian Culture
Dam Ousts Malaysian Natives
Apache Lose Water Rights