The Multinational Monitor
October 1986 · VOLUME 7 · NUMBER 14
Women In the Fray 

C O N T E N T S 


Accepting Repression in Guatemala
- Monitor Editorial Staff

In Search of the Disappeared: Guatemalan Women Resurrecting Democracy
- by Jean-Marie Simon

Babies At Risk: Infant Formula Still Takes Its Toll
- by nancy Gaschott

A Contraceptive Casualty? Spermicide Lawsuit Sparks Health Debate
- by Deborah Begel

Resisting Austerity: Women March for the Mines
- by June Nash

The Dark Side of Industrialization
- by Leung Wing Yue


A Woman in the Fray
- An interview with Dorothy Healey


Shades of Red
Striking Meatpackers Sign Contract
The Calcium Myth
Cooperatives Combat Hunger In Chile