The Multinational Monitor

MAY 1987 - VOLUME 8 - NUMBER 5


Trouble in Manila

Your magazine is doing a terrific job in general. However, I was a bit disappointed over the Steif article on the Philippines, in [the April] issue.

[In the Philippines,] misery and exploitation are epidemic. Of course, William Steif was trying to give an over-all picture of the political situation. Personally, I feel that conditions will not improve much while the U.S. influence persists. Where the American military has gone, whether in Lebanon or Grenada or elsewhere in the Third World, the people will suffer deteriorated circumstances rather than improvement.

Aquino, who comes from the same social class as Marcos, is facing impossible obstacles. Perhaps an upheaval is inevitable.

Bernard Forer
Sarasota, Florida

Labor Looks Good

I want to congratulate you on your fine February issue. The articles are so timely and so important that I almost can't believe it.

Charles C. Williams
Pinedale, California

The News From G.E.

The article, [G.E.: Bringing Good Things to an End], by Patricia Kelly is excellent.

Above all else - what worries me about G.E. is its ownership of NBC. Recently the CEO of G.E. fired the NBC boss - and replaced him 'with a G.E hack. What can we do about this?

James Wallace
Maumee, Ohio

In late April, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., held hearings to examine just what kind of impact mergers, acquisitions and proposed takeovers have had on the broadcasting industry and in particular, the network news. Markey, chairman of the Telecommunications, Consumer Protection, and Finance Subcommittee is cosponsor of legislation - H.R. 2172 The Tender Offer Reform Act -which is intended to eliminate abusive corporate takeover practices.

For more information contact: The Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Consumer Protection, and Finance, The House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 20515

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