To the Editor:
I was amazed, and shocked by your April issue. I saw no justification in the professed purposes of this publication to devote an issue to bashing Israel.

In your promotion piece, I find "Peel away the 'official story' about multinational corporations." "Ask the giant global companies and banks to answer some hard questions."

Israel is not a multinational corporation!

This history of Israel and the "Palestinians" did not start in 1967, when Israel was able to occupy land from which she had been attacked. (She tried to return the land for peace, but those who attacked her, now the second time, with the objective of destroying Israel, refused to take this land, that they now lost, for a peace treaty.)

During the 19 years that Jordan and Egypt controlled the West Bank and Gaza, no one declared for Palestinian rights, and the Palestinians were kept concentrated in the refugee camps. These people got schools, hospitals, jobs in Israel and social services only when Israel was in control.

The history of the area, as with most areas of the world, has resulted in bad conditions. Here it is bad for Israel and for those in the occupied areas. But, it will not be improved with mirrors nor by unscholarly, malicious, distorted writing.

The April issue seems like a mole got into the editorial department of this magazine, or that someone or organization bought out the issue.

In your promotion piece you mention contributions by such writers as Galbraith, Nader, Barnet, Lappe, Engler, Lovins-- where are they? What do they think about your April issue?

Aaron Aronin
Coconut Creek, Florida