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To the editor:

The prescription in your editorial "Union Jobs, Union Power" would have some force if unions in the United States of America had the right to mount effective strikes. When an employer may hire scabs or move elsewhere, at will, there is no right to strike.

For openers, we must repeal Taft-Hartley, restore the closed shop, permit secondary boycotts and common situs pickets, etc.

It's an old fight.

Robert C. Sommer
New York, NY

To the editor:

You do a good job but I'm not going to renew my subscription.

As I see it, the anti-social forces (corporate, political and religious) are unbeatable. Progressives can write and talk but little else. I'm convinced that while Eastern Europeans gain freedom, U.S. citizens are losing theirs and we can do absolutely nothing about it in the face of the awesome power of the corporate state. The U.S. government is now big business and doing less and less for private citizens. They want to privatize any and all services for the people into the hands of profit seekers.

In response to the fascism that's taking over, progressives and liberals intellectualize and summarize but have absolutely no ability to mobilize.

With the privatizing of the "public airwaves," we lost our ability to educate, illuminate and inspire the American people to stand up for their rights. The corporate state has successfully divided us against ourselves, has created a whole generation of educated automatons and is in the process of establishing state militias and other paramilitary groups to protect itself against any civilian unrest.

So you see why, at the age of 69, I am giving up. I won't live to see a multiparty, representative political system in the United States.

Thank you for the past publications.

Evelyn Christoffersen
Santa Monica, California

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