The Multinational Monitor

JUNE 1990 - VOLUME 11 - NUMBER 6


To the editor:

Thank you for your editorial and several articles in April 1990 issue on the terrible effect of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the poor and the environment of the third world.

The U.S. government has more power over the policies of these international banking institutions than does any other national government. Our president and members of Congress ought to hear of our disgust that our government acts irresponsibly.

Bill Sanders
Redondo Beach, CA

To the editor:

A gremlin crept into the copy of my article on RTZ (MM, April 1990) as it faxed its way to you across the Atlantic. RTZ owns 49 percent of CRA of Australia, thus making it by far the most important equity holder.

It was also in 1989 (not 1980) that the General Secretary of the Mineworkers Union of Namibia condemned the Rossing management for discriminating against black and colored employees--an important difference in the light of all the changes RTZ claims it has carried out over the past decade.

Incidentally, RTZ owns 46.5 percent (not 27 percent) of Rossing Uranium Ltd., although these are non-voting shares. Nor does it own 49 percent of the huge Roxby Downs/Olympic Dam copper- uranium mine in Australia. That is still in the hands of one of Britain's other major corporate "monsters"--BP.

Roger Moody
London, England

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