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To the editor:

I am writing to criticize the Multinational Monitor for naming the tobacco giant RJR Nasbisco as one of the 10 worst corporations of 1990. These villains and their tobacco industry counterparts should be declared the worst corporations of all time. The tobacco industry is responsible for more human deaths than all other corporations combined. The worldwide toll per year is in the millions.

In spite of this carnage it is rare for these corporate scoundrels to be rightly vilified in the media and for this the Multinational Monitor is to be highly commended. It is suggested that a future issue be devoted to exposing this industry. The tobacco industry exemplifies the corporate credo of placing dollars ahead of human life. Topics for investigation could range all the way from the mass media's complicity with the tobacco industry to the destruction of rain forests to plant and cure tobacco.

B. Douglas Ford
Toronto, Ontario

For readers who are particularly interested in tobacco issues, the July/August 1987 issue of Multinational Monitor, "The Tobacco Trap," is available for $3.00 from P.O. Box 19405, Washington, DC 20036. The information it contains is still very useful.

To the editor:

George Bush boasts of the 500,000 person volunteer army? How and why did they volunteer? For the last 20 years all high school graduates were faced with unemployment. The military pimps (recruiters) were at the doors offering thousands of dollars in bribes if the graduates would join the military.

Blacks, Indians, Hispanics along with the poor whites signed up. The well-to-do went on to college or into business.

Senator Rudy Boschwitz's boys sold carpets; they did not die in Beirut with the 245 young Marines.

A few years later, Senator Dave Durenberger's four boys were in college at taxpayers' expense. They did not volunteer for the military. The Bush boys did not volunteer.

Albert Venhuizen
Arlington, MN

To the editor:

Regarding your classification of Coors brewery as a worst corporation, please keep in mind that there are at least 2,000 violations every year by corporations that in some manner succeed in contaminating water supplies. This just goes along with industrial progress.

You advertise your personal prejudices for all to see when you attempt to pass judgment on Coors family members that in some way say something or act in a manner in which you disapprove.

We are interested in corporate environmental and outright social violations but not interested in your personal vendetta on individuals. You should apologize to Coors Brewery.

C.H. Weissert
Quitman, TX

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