The Multinational Monitor

JUNE 1991 - VOLUME 12 - NUMBER 6


To the editor

In the April 1991 issue of Multinational Monitor, Mr. Robert Weissman wrote an article entitled "Replacing the Union: Business's Labor Offensive," which contained several quotes from the president of the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) Local 5668 concerning the labor dispute at Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation. We can appreciate that this was not meant to be a balanced presentation, and, therefore, the corporation was not contacted for clarification.

Under constitutional guarantees, we understand it is your right to publish any material you wish,and, therefore, we will not waste your time by pointing out all of the inaccuracies and misinformation contained in Mr. Weissman's article--only one.

Mr. Stidham is quoted as saying, "If the company can ... cut benefits drastically ... [and pay] the replacement workers $5 or $6 an hour," etc.... Please be advised, the permanent replacement workers at Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation are employed under many of the terms contained in the non- concessionary contract offered to striking members of the USWA Local 5668. Under these terms, the permanent replacement workers at Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation are receiving basically the same wages and benefits as would members of USWA Local 5668 had they chosen to accept our offer, which averages out to be many times the "$5 or $6" referred to in the Weissman article.

We found the April 1991 issue of the Multinational Monitor very interesting and would be interested in seeing an article on the tactics organized labor uses with respect to its dealings with corporations.

Yours truly,

Debra J. Boger
Vice President
Administrative Services
Oralco Management Services, Inc.

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