To the editor:

I am a conscientious objector at the Marine Corps brig. I admire and appreciate your publication.

My parole evaluation is going for the next couple of months and I'm humbly asking for letters to be sent in support of my parole to my parole coordinator.

I'm currently gathering addresses of fellow Gulf War vets who also have psychological pain, stories and photos from the war. We plan to get these things out in the public eye, where they belong.

My own story includes becoming against needless killings in U.S. war after I got back from Panama with my Marine unit in 1989.

I was told that my beliefs were "too political" for conscientious objector status in 1990.

I got orders to Saudi Arabia "during time of war" in February 1991.

 I went to Saudi Arabia, but refused to have a weapon or contribute, except with my radio skills, for Medivac purposes only.

I was denied the use of chemical protective gear, and was forced on to the Kuwait border.

I was then charged with "failure to do utmost to engage the enemy."

I plan to take part in anti-recruitment videos with the War Resisters' League of New York City, and plan to do all I can to support peace and human rights (when I'm able to get out of the brig).

All the letters supporting my parole that can be sent would greatly be appreciated. They should be sent to:

Parole Coordinator
Marine Corps Base Brig
Camp Le Jeune, NC 28542

- Paul Cook
Camp Le Jeune, NC