International Baby Food
Action Network
 P.O. Box 19
 10700 Penang

Action for Corporate
 1313 5th Street, Suite 302E
 Minneapolis, MN 55414

World Alliance for
Breastfeeding Action
 P.O. Box 1200
 10850 Penang

Center for Study
of Commercialism
 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 300
 Washington, DC 20009

Action for Children's Television
 20 University Road
 Cambridge, MA 02138

Strategies for Media Literacy
 1095 Market Street
 San Francisco, CA 94103

Whittle Communications
 375 Park Avenue
 New York, NY 10152

Federation for Industrial
Retention and Renewal
 3411 West Diversity Avenue, #10
 Chicago, IL 60647

 Westinghouse Building,
Gateway Center
 Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Task Force on
Multinational Resource
 P.O. Box 95316
 Seattle, WA 98145

Stone Container
 150 North Michigan Avenue
 Chicago, IL 60601

Food & Water
 225 Lafayette Street
 New York, NY 10012

Books, Reports & Periodicals

The Politics of Breastfeeding
 By Gabrielle Palmer
 London: Pandora, 1988

Breaking the Rules 1991
 P.O. Box 1045
 10830 Penang

Beyond the Breast-Bottle Controversy
 By Penny Van Esterik
 New Brunswick, NJ:
Rutgers University Press, 1992

Food Irradiation:
The Myth and the Reality
 By Tony Webb and Tim Lang
 London: Thorsons Publishers, 1990

Culture Inc.: The Corporate Takeover of Public Expression
 By Herbert Schiller
 New York: Oxford
University Press, 1989
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