Third World Network
 87 Cantonment Road
 10250 Penang

 1436 U Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20009

Friends of the Earth
 218 D Street, SE
 Washington, DC 20003

Women's Environment and
Development Organization
 845 3d Avenue, 15th floor
 New York, NY 10022

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
 c/o Wand, University of the
West Indies, School of
Continuing Studies
 St. Michael

UN Development Fund
for Women
 304 East 45th Street, 6th Floor
 New York, NY 10017

Natural Resources
Defense Council
 1350 New York Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20005

Human Rights Watch
 1522 K Street, NW, Suite 910
 Washington, DC 20005

Greenbelt Movement
 PO Box 67545

United Paperworkers International Union
 3340 Perimeter Hill Drive
 Box 1475
 Nashville, TN 37202

United Steelworkers of America
 Five Gateway Center
 Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Economic Policy Institute
 1730 Rhode Island Avenue
 Washington, DC 20036

World Rainforest Movement
 87 Cantonment Road
 10250 Penang

Indigenous Peoples Media Center
 77 Main Street
 Tappan, NY 10983

Assembly of First Nations
 55 Murray Street, 5th Floor
 Ottawa, Ontario

International Indigenous
 Palais Wilson, 52 Rue des Paquis
 Geneva 1201

Biotechnology Working Group
 2395 University Avenue, Room 309
 St. Paul, MN 55114

Environment Liaison Centre
International - Kenya
 PO Box 72461

Brazilian NGO Forum
 Rua Borges dos Reis 46, Sala J
 Boulevard Rio Vermelho

Brazil Institute for Social and Economic Analysis (IBASE)
 Rua Vincente de Souza 29 - Botafoga
 Rio de Janeiro

International Forum of NGOs and Social Movements
 Rua do Catete, #153
 Museu da Republica 122220
 Rio de Janeiro

World Bank
GEF Administrator's Office
 1818 H Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20433

Worldwatch Institute
 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20036

Books, Reports & Periodicals

Changing Course
 Edited by Stephan Schmidheiny
 Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1992

After The Earth Summit: The Future
of Environmental Governance (Worldwatch Paper 107)
 By Hilary F. French
 Washington, DC:
Worldwatch Institute, 1992

The Greenpeace Book of Greenwash
 By Kenny Bruno
 Washington, DC: Greenpeace, 1992

Defending the Earth: Abuses of
Human Rights and the Environment
 Washington, DC: Human Rights Watch and NRDC, 1992

Women and the Environment
 Prepared by Annabel Rodda
 London: Zed Books, 1991

The Endangered Rainforests and
The Fight for Survival
 Penang, Malaysia:
World Rainforest Movement, 1992

Human Development Report 1992
 New York: United Nations
 Development Program, 1992

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