The Development GAP
 927 15th Street, NW, 4th Floor
 Washington, DC 20005

U.S. Agency for International
320 21st Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20523

Probe International
 225 Brunswick Ave.
 Toronto, ON M5S 2M6

Chinese Embassy
 2300 Connecticut Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20008

Public World
 83 Alkham Road
 London N16 6XD

World Bank
 1818 H Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20433

Hungarian American Enterprise Fund
 1620 I Street
 Washington, DC 20006

Kenya Economic Association
 PO Box 47678
 Nairobi, KENYA

Equipo PUEBLO, A.C.
 Apartado Postal 27-467
 Mexico D.F. 06760

Pesticide Action Network (PAN)
 116 New Montgomery, Suite 810
 San Francisco, CA 94105

National Coalition Against
 the Misuse of Pesticides
 701 E Street SE
 Washington, DC 20003

Public Citizen
 215 Pennsylvania Ave.
 Washington, DC 20036

Natural Resources Defense Council
 1350 New York Ave., NW, Suite 300
 Washington, DC 20005

National Agricultural Chemicals
 1155 15th Street NW
 Washington, DC 20005

Sahabat Alam Malaysia
 19 Jalan Kelawai
 10250 Penang

International Labor Rights and
Education Fund
 100 Maryland Avenue NE
 Washington, DC 20002

 815 16th Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20036

Embassy of the Dominican Republic
 1715 22nd Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20008

Third World Network
Consumers' Association of Penang
 87 Cantonment Road
 10250 Penang

Cargill, Inc.
 PO Box 9300, 15407 McGinty Road
 Minnetonka, MN 55440-9300

Pfizer Inc.
 235 E. 42nd Street
 New York, NY 10017

United Food and Commercial
Workers Union
 1775 K Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20006

United Auto Workers
 8000 E. Jefferson Ave.
 Detroit, MI 48214

General Motors
 3044 West Grand Boulevard
 Detroit, MI 48202


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The Other Side of the Story: The Real Impact of World Bank and IMF Structural Adjustment Programs
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Aid for Just Development
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Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige and Corruption of the International Aid Business
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The World Bank: A Critical Analysis
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Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children
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In the Public Interest?: Privatization and Public Sector Reform
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The Endangered Rainforests and the Fight for Survival
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