Legal Research International
 3701 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
 Suite 200
Washington, DC 20008

International Rivers Network
 1847 Berkeley Way
 Berkeley, CA 94703

Environmental Defense Fund
 927 Connecticut Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20009

1436 U Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20009

Embassy of Mexico
 1911 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20006

U.S. National Administrative Office
 Department of Labor
 Bureau of International Labor Affairs
 200 Constitution Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20120

National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, USA
 601 North Cotton Street, A-103
 El Paso, TX 79902

Inter-Hemispheric Education Resource Center
 Box 4506
 Albuquerque, NM 87198

Institute for Food and Development Policy
 398 60th Street
 Oakland, CA 94618

Health and Environment Border Network
 A.P. 712
 83000 Hermosillo, Sonora,

Environmental Health Coalition
 1717 Kettner Boulevard, Suite 100
 San Diego, CA 92101

Border Ecology Project
 P.O. Drawer CP
 Bisbee, AZ 85603

Mexican Action Network to Confront Free Trade
 Godard #20
 Colonia Guadalupe Victoria
 07790 México, D.F.,

American Friends Service Committee
 1822 R Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20036

Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers
 Craftsmen Hall
909 Centre Street, Suite 210
 San Diego, CA 92103

Equipo Pueblo
 Apartado 27-467
 México, D.F.
 MEXICO 06760

International Labor Rights Education and Research Fund
 110 Maryland Avenue, NE
 Wsshington, DC 20002

Probe International
225 Brunswick Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 2M6

50 Years is Enough
 1025 Vermont Avenue, NW
 Suite 300
 Washington, DC 20005

Citizen's Trade Campaign
 1025 Vermont Avenue, NW
 Suite 300
 Washington, DC 20005


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Generals in the Palacio: The Military in Modern Mexico
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The Dynamics of Domination: State, Class, and Social Reform in Mexico
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The Case Against Free Trade:
GATT, NAFTA and the
Globalization of Corporate Power
 San Francisco:
Earth Island Press, 1993

The Political Economy of North American Free Trade
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Deadly Medicine: Why Tens of Thousands of Heart
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Oil and Revolution in Mexico
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Trading Freedom: How Free Trade Affects Our Lives, Work and Environment
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A U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free-Trade Agreement: Do We Just Say No?
 By William McGaughey
Thistlerose Publications, 1992

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