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B I G    T O B A C C O    S P E A K S    O U T

"This gives shareholders and employees more certainty and consumers a respite from constant demonization of cigarettes."
-- Martin Broughton, CEO of B.A.T. Industries PLC (owner of Brown & Williamson)

"Most important, the agreement secures the tobacco industry's rightful place in the mainstream of legitimate U.S. commerce."
-- Steven Goldstone, CEO of RJR Nabisco Holding Corporation

"We hope that legislation will move forward and with it bring a new era of cooperation and tolerance with regard to tobacco issues."
-- Steven Parrish, Philip Morris Senior Vice President

"Putting an end to the litigation would free the cigarette makers to reassess their business. Initially the settlement would force the companies to make some changes, but throughout its long history the tobacco industry has always been as flexible as a rubber band snapping back into shape despite events that have stretched it to the limit."
-- Jane Shea, editorial in Tobacco International, a tobacco industry trade publication

"All we're going to do is change the name on the door. "We're going to continue to do what we've always done. I don't understand why they're going through this exercise, frankly."
-- Walker Merryman, Vice President, Tobacco Institute, commenting on the provision in the proposed tobacco settlement eliminating the Tobacco Institute and the Council for Tobacco Research

"They want a big payoff and we want a peaceful life."
-- Martin Broughton, CEO of B.A.T. Industries PLC (owner of Brown & Williamson)

Compiled by: Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

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