November 2000 - VOLUME 21 - NUMBER 11

Political Investments
Danger On the Job
Cover: Mining in the Lindum Reef Mines, South Africa
© Barbara Leslie/Impact Visuals


Blame the Worker:
The Rise of Behavioral-Based Safety Programs

James Frederick and Nancy Lessin
- Aubrey Daniels International

Carcinogenicity Alert:
OSHA's Failure to Regulate Hexavalent Chromium
and the Price Workers Pay

Peter Lurie and Sidney Wolfe



Behind the Lines

"What is Society Willing to Spend on Human Beings?"
The Front
The Prague Protests
Mt. Olive in a Pickle
Genetic Contamination

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Power and Pain:
Worker Organization and Workplace Safety in Southern Africa

An Interview with Rene Loewenson

Double Standards:
U.S. Manufacturers Exploit Lax Occupational Safety
and Health Enforcement in Mexico¹s Maquiladoras

An Interview with Garrett Brown

Names in the News