July/August 2001 - VOLUME 22 - NUMBER 7& 8

The Case Against GE
Cover: ©Scenic Hudson


Toxics on the Hudson: The Saga of GE, PCBs and the Hudson River
-Charlie Cray

-GE and the Law
-Chairman Jack Speaks
-GE Registered Lobbyists on
“Contaminated Sediments/Natural Resources Damage Issues”

Global Management By Stress
- Robert Weissman

Penny Pinching the Retirees at GE
-Vincent Lloyd

GE: Decades of Misdeeds and Wrongdoing
-The GE Rap Sheet
-GE Tax Abatement Ripoffs


Behind the Lines

You Don’t Know Jack

The Front
Spoiled Lunch
Deadly Drilling in Aceh

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Resisting the Goliath:
Interviews with GE’s Critics

Slowing the Race to the Bottom
An interview with Ed Fire

Dignity and Defiance
An interview with John Hovis

“Any Cost” is Too High
An Interview with Thomas O’Boyle

Unfair Access
An Interview with Jeff Cohen

GE Can Be Beat
An Interview with Kathryn Mulvey

Names In The News