May/June 2004 - VOLUME 25 - NUMBERS 5 & 6


Dissecting the Bush Administration

Cover: (c) Matt Wuerker


Dissecting Bush:
Bush Administration Policies Under the Microscope
Articles by Charlie Cray, Lee Drutman, David Helvarg, Jason Mark, Jeff Shaw and Patrick Woodall

I. Corporate Power
The Halliburton Fix
Entrenching the Media Monopoly
The Government’s Business

also The Patronage System

II. Labor
Repetitively Straining Workers
Small Steps for Corporate Trade Pacts
“The Latest Gains from Trade”

III. The Environment
Climate Change: Sharing the Warmth
Dirtying the Skies
Deception at Ground Zero

IV. Consumer Rights
Bankruptcy Rules: Leave the Children Behind
Victimizing the Victims
Mad Cow, Mad Policy
They Call This Patriotism?

V. Democracy
White House for Sale
A 2005 Item: Social Security Privatization
Medicare Drugs: Prescription for Failure


Behind the Lines

The Perma-Bush Scenario

The Front
A Grim Day for Monsanto
Wal-Mart’s Subsidy Shopping

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award


Shocking and Discouraging: Bush, Corporate Power and the Environment — An Insider’s View
An Interview with Eric Schaeffer

Book Notes

Names In The News