The Multinational Monitor
September 1980 - Volume 1 - Number 8
Multinationals v. Small Industry in India  



Circle of Poison: Export Agriculture and the Pesticide Boomerang
- by David Weir and Mark Schapiro
Pesticide sales to the Third World are examined in light of export-oriented growth of agriculture in excerpts from a forthcoming study by the Institute for Food and Development Policy

Taxing Multinationals the Unitary Way
- by Jonathan Rowe
A tax enforcement method receiving increasing use by the states of the U.S. - the unitary method - offers a valuable answer to corporate ploys. Second of a two-part series.

In Search of a Canadian Economy
- an interview with Herb Gray
Canada's Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce discusses his country's policy towards foreign investment and speculates on the future of the Canadian federation.

U.S, Canada Duck Acid Rain Challenge
- by Jamie Swift and Phil Weller
A pollution hazard to the U.S. and Canada, acid rain remains unregulated as both countries wait for the other to move first.

India's Misplaced Hopes?
- by Susan George
A recent study questions multinationals' contribution to development in India.

Pretoria's Stranglehold?
- by James Ridgeway
A recent Congressional report questions the degree of U.S. dependence on South African minerals.

Global Sightings

ITT: Spying on the Home Front

Taiwan Looks Outward

Australia Knuckles Down On Westinghouse Case

Ludwig Bellows for Brazilian Aid

Cardinal Sin?


No Pennies From Heaven
- Book Reviews, Report Reviews, Information on Organizations