Multinational Monitor

APR 2003
VOL 24 No. 4


Chemical Trespass: The Chemical Body Burden and theThreat to Public Health
by Stacy Malkan

The Legacy of Lead: Pervasive Poisoning, Suspect Science and the Industry Effort to Escape Liability
by Wendy Johnson

Mercury and Bush’s Not-So-Clear Skies: The Administration Plan for More Coal Plant Mercury Emissions Over a Longer Period
by Zach Corrigan


Fighting for Asbestos Justice in Brazil
an interview with Fernanda Giannasi


Letter to the Editor

Behind the Lines

Tony Mazzocchi, Environmental Health and Justice Crusader

The Front
Southern Solidarity

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Response to the Columbia Shuttle Disaster

Book Review
The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution

Names In the News



Response to the Columbia Shuttle Disaster

By Charlie Cray

Congress should question Raytheon and Boeing
Before Rumsfeld begins aiming and throwing
Hundreds of their missiles at Iraq.
If the telemetry fails when we attack
And it looks like Guernica after it ceases,
Will they be as eager to pick up the pieces?

If not, we may soon need a debris analysis
For our already-damaged ship of state
Whose right-wing yaw is
Making it hard to navigate.

"We lost them so close to home"
Bush said, not far from the Astrodome.
But the "space program will go on. ...
We are that part of creation
That seeks to understand all creation."

Except those he damns to conflagration?


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