Multinational Monitor

SEP/OCT 2007
VOL 29 No. 4


Ecuador's Oil Change: An Exporter's Historic Proposal
by Kevin Koenig

Fueling Another Debt Crisis
by Neil Watkins

The Best Congress Oil Could Buy
by Steve Kretzmann

A Call for Global Economic and Energy Transitions

Sin and Society II
by Edward Alsworth Ross


Bolivia Asserts Oil Sovereignty
an interview with Carlos Villegas

Causes of Soaring Oil Prices
interviews with oil industry analysts

Can Big Oil Adapt to Climate Change?
interviews with oil industry analysts


Behind the Lines

Independence from Oil

The Front
CAFTA and the Politics of Fear - Whistleblowers Betrayed

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Greed At a Glance

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The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia
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Hegemony and Popular Resistance
By Benjamin Kohl
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Indigenous Politics, Multinational Oil and Neoliberalism in Ecuador
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Indians, Oil, and Politics:
A Recent History of Ecuador
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American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century
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Escaping the Resource Curse
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"The Climate of Poverty: Facts, Fears and Hope"
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"Up in Smoke? Asia and the Pacific - The Threat From Climate Change to Human Development and the Environment"
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Manifesto on Global Economic
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