Multinational Monitor

SEP/OCT 2005
VOL 26 No. 9


The Storm This Time: A Personal Account of the Natural and Unnatural Disaster in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
by David Helvarg

Disaster Profiteering: The Flood of Crony Contracting Following Hurricane Katrina
by Charlie Cray

Between Soldiers and Bombs: Iraq's Fledgling Labor Movement
by David Bacon

Takeover Inn Argentina: Argentina's Worker-Run Cooperative Movement
by Aaron Freeman


The Human Engineering of Catastrophe: Coastal Maldevelopment and Katrina's Wrath
An Interview with Mark Davis

The Soul of New Orleans: Asseting Rights of Low- and Moderate-Income Families in Hurricane Reconstruction
An Interview with Tanya Harris

Restoring the Gulf: An Ecological Agenda
An Interview with Cynthia Sarthou


Behind the Lines

Exploiting Disaster

The Front
Fake Debarment

The Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Names In the News



Organizations Publications
Blue Frontier Campaign
P.O. Box 19367
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]

Gulf Restoration Network
338 Baronne Street, Suite 200
New Orleans, LA 70112
[email protected]

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
746 Main Street, Suite B101
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
[email protected]

Project on Government Oversight
666 11th Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20001
[email protected]

Taxpayers for Common Sense
651 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE,
2nd Floor
Washington DC, 20003
[email protected]

Dauphin Island Sea Lab
101 Bienville Boulevard
Dauphin Island, AL 36528
[email protected]

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
703 East Beach Drive
P.O. Box 7000
Ocean Springs, MS 39566
[email protected]

LUMCON — Louisiana Universities
Marine Consortium
8124 Highway 56
Cauvin, LA 70344
[email protected]

Lake Pontchartrain
Basin Foundation
P.O. Box 6965
Metairie, LA 70009
[email protected]

739 8th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
[email protected]

Center for Corporate Policy
P.O. Box 19405
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]

Petition for BAUEN
Hotel Workers

U.S. Labor Against the War
P.O. Box 153
1718 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]

EPIC (Education for Peave in Iraq Center)
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003
[email protected]

Ibon Foundation
Rm. 303 SCC Building,
4427 Int.
Old Sta. Mesa,
[email protected]

Taxpayers Against Fraud/
The False Claims Act Legal Center
1220 19th Street, NW, Suite 501
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]

The Ocean and Coastal
Conservation Guide 2005-2006:
The Blue Movement Directory
Edited by David Helvarg
Washington, DC: Island Press, 2006

Blue Frontier: Dispatches from
America’s Ocean Wilderness

By David Helvarg
San Francisco: Sierra Club Books 2006

50 Ways to Save the Ocean
By David Helvarg
Maui: Inner Ocean Press, 2006

America’s Wetland:
Louisiana's Vanishing Coast
By Mike Dunne and Bevil Knapp (photographer)
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State
University Press, 2005

Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi
Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America

By John M. Barry
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1998

A River and Its City: The Nature
of Landscape in New Orleans

By Ari Kelman
Berkeley, CA: University of
California Press, 2003

An Unnatural Metropolis:
Wresting New Orleans From Nature

By Craig E. Colten
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State
University Press 2004

The Take
Produced by Barna-Alper Inc.
and Klein Lewis Productions
Directed by Avi Lewis
Written by Naomi Klein


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